Privacy is extremely important to me and therefore as a client, I would treat any information you give to me as part of my retainer with the same degree of importance.


It will be necessary to collect information from you to properly carry out my firm's retainer and from time to time to update that information. In certain matters you may also have to provide some sensitive information.


Other than for the purpose for which you as a client have provided such information, I will not use or disclose such information without your prior consent unless required or authorised by a law.


I may contact you to advise you of an issue which may be of particular relevance to you (such as an alteration to a law which may affect you), or send you a reminder to check your legal affairs are up to date (such as to ensure your Will reflects your present intentions), or of an upcoming event or service offered by my firm which may be of interest to you.


As a client, it is important to me that your personal information retained by my firm is up to date, particularly if there has been significant change in your life (such as a change of address). Therefore if you wish to update your personal information at any time, or to determine what personal information is kept by my firm, then please contact my office.


If you are unhappy about the way my firm is dealing with your personal information, then please contact me. If we are unable to mutually reach a resolution of the issue, then you may request an independent person (such as the Privacy Commissioner) to look into the issue.